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DynamicFlow Fume Cupboard news 30th March 2007 Awarded turnkey project by Link Technologies
Premier Laboratory Systems have been awarded a turnkey project by Link Technologies for the design and installation of laboratory fume cupboards, benching, ventilation and M&E to be completed by September 2007.

This expansion is phase 2 following the successful completion of phase 1 we were involved in during 2000.

DynamicFlow Fume Cupboard news 18th October 2006 - Premier Laboratory Systems teams up with Bioair of Italy, to provide a total turnkey containment installation
To enable Premier Laboratory Systems to provide a total turnkey containment installation, we have teamed up with Bioair of Italy to provide a full range of safety cabinets, ductless fume cupboards, laminar flow cabinets & PCR cabinets.

Bioair have been manufacturing safety cabinets for over 30 years and they can provide a quality product at a very competitive price.

Premier Laboratory Systems can now provide an integrated system from design to handover.

DynamicFlow Fume Cupboard news 7th September 2006 University of St Andrews selects Premier Labs high containment / low energy DynamicFlow fume cupboard
The University of St Andrews have selected our high containment / low energy DynamicFlow fume cupboard, after evaluation of fume cupboards from UK and European suppliers.

The 26 No. fume cupboards being supplied will provide between £15,000.00 and £20,000.00 energy savings per annum depending upon usage.

The other main advantage that our DynamicFlow fume cupboard offers the University is 100% diversity (use) whereas the current VAV fume cupboards installed only provide 60% diversity.

DynamicFlow Fume Cupboard news 17th May 2006 Against competition from America and Europe
Following evaluation of our DynamicFlow fume cupboard containment performance, energy usage, maintainability and durability against fume cupboards manufactured from major American and European competitors, Premier Laboratory Systems Ltd were recently selected to design, supply, install and commission 50 No. DynamicFlow fume cupboards, within the University of Strathclyde, Department of Chemistry.

Fume cupboards were selected on the basis of BS 7258 and the new European EN 14175 standards and in particular to the robustness containment test performance.

Premier Laboratory Systems are also installing the extract systems to provide a complete package.

Due to their low maintenance requirements the DynamicFlow fume cupboard provides the University with reduced service costs.

As this installation was a refurbishment of existing laboratories, with very limited space for air make up, it was possible to provide supply ductwork within existing risers to serve the ceiling plenums within each small laboratory which contains up to 10 No. fume cupboards.

The University has made considerable energy cost savings within the Department of Chemistry following installation of a similar number of DynamicFlow fume cupboards which were fitted two years ago.

DynamicFlow Fume Cupboard news 1st May 2006 - High containment/low energy DynamicFlow fume cupboard
With respect to the new European standard which was introduced last year, we have had our high containment / low energy DynamicFlow fume cupboard type tested by a third party in accordance with EN 14175 - Part 3.

The tests were carried out on our high containment / low energy DynamicFlow fume cupboard at a velocity of 0.30m/sec.

Our DynamicFlow fume cupboard complies with recommendations for UK i.e. 0.005 ppm for inner and outer plane static containment tests and 0.100 ppm for the dynamic robustness test. It is worth noting that these results are specified for fume cupboards operating in the range of 0.40 to 0.50 m/sec, and we achieved better than these recommended figures at a face velocity of 0.30 m/sec.

On discussing these figures with Invent UK, they were surprised at the level of containment achieved, during the robustness test i.e 0.040 ppm as opposed to the UK standard of 0.100 ppm (Note, German standard is 0.650 ppm!!!). Contact us for a copy of Invent UK’s test report for full details of results recorded.

We have installed over 300 of these fume cupboards over the past 4 years, which reduce capital costs by up to 25% and offer the client energy savings in the region of £1,000.00 per year per fume cupboard!!!