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Fume Cupboards - Enterprise Dynamic Flow ™

Fume Cupboard Manufacture

Introduction to Enterprise DynamicFlow™ Fume Cupboard

Whilst the safety of laboratory personnel is paramount, the amount of heated/conditioned air consumed by conventional fume cupboards is a constant area of concern to many laboratory managers. Surprisingly, fume cupboard design has changed little since the 1970s. The conventional operation specification for fume cupboard is to provide an average face velocity of 0.5 m/sec across the open sash area.

Traditionally this has been taken as a minimum and can actually range up to 0.75 m/sec in certain circumstances. Where a number of fume cupboards are grouped together the total extract volume is very high which results in a large volume of make-up air being required to balance the laboratory pressure.

Over the past 10 years, it has become standard practice to address this problem not at the fume cupboard itself but by designing sophisticated extract and air input systems, often referred to as variable air volume systems (VAV.). These typically use complex sensing and feedback controls to monitor the instantaneous demand at each fume cupboard in order to calculate and adjust the correct volumes required. Although the VAV approach has proved successful and cost effective in many cases, it does not address the problem at source, namely the volume of air required by an individual fume cupboard to maintain the containment performance.

Premier’s new Enterprise DynamicFlow™ fume cupboard addresses this problem in a radical and innovative way, achieving the same excellent containment performance as a conventional fume cupboard design, but at a face velocity of 0.25m/sec - i.e 50% lower than the standard product.

* Introduction to Enterprise DynamicFlow™ Fume Cupboard
* Principles of Enterprise DynamicFlow™ Fume Cupboard
* Testing and Validation
* Summary of User Benefits
* Energy Conservation Calculations