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Fume Cupboards & Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems

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Legal Requirements

Under COSHH Regulations (9) and recommendations within BS 7258 Part 3 (Laboratory Fume Cupboards - Recommendations for selection, use and maintenance) organisations are required to monitor, maintain and display the relevant documentation for Fume Cupboard and LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) systems.

Fume Cupboards and LEV systems are used to protect operatives from the release of hazardous airborne substances from a process into the workplace environment. It is therefore extremely important that regular maintenance be carried out to ensure that each system is performing to its required function. COSHH regulations requires that inspection & maintenance of LEV systems should be carried out at intervals of no more than 14 months while BS 7258 recommendations advise yearly (or even 6 monthly) inspection & maintenance of Fume Cupboards.

What is involved in Inspection/Maintenance?

As most extraction systems are designed to remove hazardous fumes from the workplace, any maintenance and inspection should only be carried out by fully qualified and trained personnel. This typically involves taking face velocity readings, mechanical checks, inspection of system ductwork for leaks and breakage, monitoring of performance indicators and alarms and general plant maintenance. Any anticipated potential problems would also be highlighted.


Full details of all checks and maintenance should be recorded, documented and be readily available for inspection.

To find out more

To find out more out more about the comprehensive inspection and maintenance services offered by Premier Laboratory Systems, please email or telephone us.

We will then contact you to discuss your needs in greater detail and if necessary arrange a free-of-charge on-site survey.