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Already a recognised leader in the design, manufacture and installation of fume cupboards and associated systems. The introduction of the new Enterprise Dynamic Flow fume cupboard now offers customers the most complete fume cupboard installation package available today.

These ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs, taken in the Joseph Black Building at the University of Edinburgh clearly demonstrate that Premier Laboratory Systems has the products, design skills and project management capabilities to undertake any project, small or large.

Experience counts

Our engineers have an unrivalled breadth of technical knowledge and experience, ensuring that all project management is successfully completed, regardless of size or complexity. We offer free consultancy service regarding relevant standards, safety and efficiency on all matters relating to the safe removal of corrosive/hazardous fumes.

Design and drawings are produced using the latest CAD technology. Manufacturing is in accordance with ISO 9001 Approved Quality Procedures.

Project Management

Planning a new or upgrading an existing facility is invariably a team effort. A successful outcome is dependent on the manufacturer’s ability to convert the Customer’s requirements into an engineered, value-for-money solution. The larger the project, the higher the level of expertise needed.

Our Design Engineers are available to assist laboratory planners, architects, engineers and users at every stage of the project from initial conception to final acceptance. As our existing customers will testify, no-one has more experience in laboratory fume cupboard installations.

A Step-by-Step Approach

Our comprehensive design-to-commission service includes not just a thorough analysis of the Customer’s basic requirements, but also full consideration of a range of other aspects of the final design; noise attenuation, condensate drainage, fire compartmentation and pre-discharge fume treatment.